Kentucky Roads - Cumberland Pkwy.

Cumberland Parkway

The first 16 photos are westbound.

The west end of the route at I-65.

New Exit 8 for a new outer loop of Glasgow, which picks up US 68 north of here and ends at KY 1297 south of here across Beaver Creek.

How does this even happen? I didn't think reflective sheeting was this robust.

Another new exit, but this time the road was already there. US 68's overpass got replaced as part of the diamond interchange but nothing was widened so I don't get it. On either side of those photos, Kentucky didn't get I-66 despite their best intentions. Well, despite the best intentions of one politician who thought it would be good to bring money into the state despite a lack of need and environmental impacts, which is what killed it.

NJ visits KY.

The rock cut down to Fishing Creek/Lake Cumberland is original to the parkway.

Now to the eastbound photos, along the new length of parkway around Somerset to its stub end at US 27. This stub will never be built out, either, as the whole point was to give it a chance to become I-66, but since there's no real traffic need for further freeway, this is all you're getting. (That's not entirely accurate, as a case could be made to circle it back around to KY 80.) Photos go to the end of the WB stub, built all the way across US 27 for no reason to waste money.

Now for the end of the EB roadway. Along the loop ramp, you can see the intended ramp onto I-66 EB to the outside (left). Those barricades will be out there a loooong time.

The WB onramp from US 27 features a merge into nothing at all, and you can see how the freeway magically appears behind me. Why add a lane into zero lanes?

Bonus content from Racetrack Rd., which was cut off by a highway that will never be built and probably feels salty about it. Heading east at Laramie Dr., the reroute was built with a stub end that has nowhere apparent to go. Laramie Dr. is the old Racetrack Rd. alignment and dead-ends at ghost I-66. The pavement in the background is the EB-NB loop and you can see the same barricades as before behind that for the EB onramp.

KY 6014, former Cumberland Pkwy.

Exit 11 to US 31E
Future Exit 29 to US 68
Exit 88 to US 27
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