Kentucky/Ohio Roads - Bus. KY 15, Hazard

Business KY 15, Hazard

Bus. 15 NB, not KY 15, turns onto Memorial Dr. in downtown Hazard and heads under Baker St.

SB under same. You can see there's a left turn lane and a right turn lane, but there's a road continuing straight that joins KY 451 and heads across North Fork Kentucky River. I'd think that's kind of a big deal, so which lane do you use for that? Bad idea to let people guess.

In 2014, KY 451 used one block of Main St. to cut over to Bus. KY 15, so this sign was at the reunion of Main and High Streets, even though the sharp right here would be much better cut off by the one block of Memorial Dr. to the bridge. And that's exactly what KY 451 now does, using a regular right turn and forgoing the shortcut.

Another KY 15 shield neding "Business".

This one on KY 476 SB needs it most of all, since North KY 15 can't be both ways (and in fact is neither), but it's still out there. Bus. KY 15 SB is straight, for reference.

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