Kansas Roads - US 69

US 69

US 69 NB/K-58 EB at a complicated multiplex. Besides the 2-digit width shield for US 169, this sign shows you the green US 56 shield. Its color was intended to match the original color of the markers for the Santa Fe Trail. Like Florida's colored US shields, though, US 56 returned to regular color in the 1980's. Still more to love about this sign: extra-cool diagrammatic, non-standard state abbeviations.

US 69 joins I-35, then leaves it again to head across the Kansas River on the 18th St. Expressway with railroad trusses all around. The diamond interchange at I-35 is all that's stopping it from being a full freeway up to I-70.

Continuing NB across the Missouri River to that state in Riverside, one of the towns separating the outlying northern areas of the two Kansas Cities. If you can't see the plaque, this is the 1957 Platte Purchase Bridge, named for the acquisition of the northwestern corner of Missouri into which this bridge crosses (west of the straight line that defines the rest of the border).

Back south from Missouri on the older (1934) Fairfax bridge onto the 7th St. Trafficway, a term that pretty much only shows up in Kansas City. In January 2015, this bridge was sadly demolished for a boring new one.

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