Kansas Roads - US 66 - Galena

Former US 66 in Galena

Main St. NB, old US 66 leaving current K-66. Speed limit 20, so take your time looking at old building. The shield at the Front Street turn is perfectly according to modern specs, as if it were still a US Highway, although the arrows need some help, especially considering the lack of U-turn availability.

On Front St. WB, the shield award goes to the faded one on the pavement.

Perhaps the highlight of this old alignment is the high railroad bridge east of Galena. The last photo looks back west after crossing it EB.

Missouri comes at the Hogs & Hot Rods Saloon, if it still exists by that name or at all. The most interesting part is perched high in the air.

I think this is the MO border and not the OK one for two reasons: one, the foliage looks much more like this alignment, and two, it says "Chicago to L.A.," which is westbound. The reason I don't know is that this photo is courtesy Jeremy Lance.

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