Kansas Roads - I-70/US 40

All photos with an associated 20th-century year are courtesy Michael Summa, and all but one of Michael's are on both I-70 and US 40. Above, the first photo is courtesy Jeremy Lance, and the second was taken in 1989 in a rest area at MP 294.

EB on I-70/US 24, 1978, with the reflective border extending onto the post for no reason.

K-183 NB at I-70 Exit 159, 1984.

K-232 NB at I-70 Exit 206, 1989.

K-14 NB north of Ellsworth, 1986.

K-143 NB at Exit 252 and then just off the frontage road at wherever I had dinner, obviously a British car from the flag hanging inside. K-143 is former US 81.

EB on I-70/US 40 near Abilene, showcasing original exit tabs in 1984. The 177 seems to have been recycled from another BGS, as K-177 is at Exit 313 (as you'll see below) and is a north-south route.

K-206 NB at I-70 Exit 286.

EB nearing Junction City, 1989. K-18 EB multiplexes ahead, and as you can see from the traces left on the sign, the original text lacked a K-18 shield (since K-18 used to run straight through the city instead of using I-70/US 40 to the south), but had EXIT 1 MILE instead of 1 MILE.

WB in Junction City, 1986.

EB, same exit, same year. Alt. US 40 is now Business US 40, while Alt. US 77 remains.

Same sign, opposite directions, also 1986. I-70/US 40/K-18 EB first photo, WB second photo.

Again WB, still 1986.

Back in the day, I-470/I-70 had an incomplete western interchange. The WB-EB movements were accomplished via what was then (in this case, 1986) By-Pass US 75, now Wanamaker Rd. This was at I-70 Exit 356.

I-70/US 40/K-4 EB on the west side of Topeka.

Monroe St. SB at 8th St. in Topeka.

EB east of Topeka in 1984.

Kaw Drive WB in 1975. Back then, this was K-32 WB, and K-132 followed the Turner Diagonal, just SW of Kansas City. Now, K-32 EB turns onto what was K-132 EB, ending in the same place at US 69, and K-132 is dead (as of 1992).

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