Kansas Roads - I-35/US 50/US 56

I-35 and I-35/US 50/US 56

This photo and its closeup (click on it) come from J. P. Nasiatka. This is where US 169 leaves I-35 SB at KS 7, though US 50 and 56 WB are also along for the ride but get no credit. Notice that the signage hints that there is a split in the exit ramp, as if this were a freeway exit. In fact, it's nothing of the sort, but a simple diamond that's somewhat transfigured by East 151st St. running across a couple of the ramps (and multiplexing with KS 7). I-35 is what ruined the original + intersection of 151st and 7.

A bit north of there with all routes shown.

Hopping up to Kansas City with a different route along for the ride.

Onto US 50 alone
Onto US 56 alone

Into Oklahoma on I-35
Into Missouri on I-35
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