Jervis Bay Roads

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is a curious geopolitical specimen. It was created to give the Australian Capital Territory coastal frontage, since every other territory has it in spades. However, JBT is nominally its own entity now and not part of the ACT. But that's not what the licence plate says... Well, JBT is far too small to really make an effective territory on its own, so while it administers itself, it uses the ACT's body of law and the ACT has legal jurisdiction (outside the Aboriginal community around Wreck Bay). JBT is represented by ACT in the Commonwealth government instead of sending its own representatives. So, long story short, the licence plates still say ACT for no good reason at all. In fact, all of the licence plates begin with YZO or YJJ because there are so few people. But I'm showing JBT some love by giving it its own page.

College Rd. WB and Jervis Bay Rd. NB (leaving the territory). Who decides on the highway standards for JBT? I don't think ACT has any endangered bristlebirds to sign for.

A, this is proof I was there. B, the stencils are cool.

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