Italy Roads


A- routes are Autostrada, the equivalent of Interstate highways in the U.S. E- routes are European routes, whose designations do not change across country lines (think U.S. Highways across state lines). SS- (Strada Statale) routes are national routes, and SP- (Strada Provinciale) routes are provincial routes whose numbers can repeat in different provinces.

Several "streets" come together in Venice, courtesy Rachel Kramer. Because there are no cars on these "streets", most of them are only wide enough for a few people to pass each other by, but all are named.
~ A18/E45
~ A20/E90
~ SS 113
~ SS 185
~ Catania SP 70
~ Messina
(City, not Province)
~ Messina SP 1
~ Messina SP 2
~ Messina SP 110
~ Messina SP 112
~ Messina SP 147
~ Pace del Mela
~ Milazzo
~ --- Asse Viario

(that's not an Italian province)

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