Indiana Roads - I-70 WB

I-70 westbound

In 1979, courtesy Michael Summa, still waiting for its Exit 151 tab.

Up to the modern era, starting from the Ohio line, and ending at a distance sign that's made an unusual choice. Is one road so important that you need to know the distance to get there? How much traffic is eagerly anticipating the Mt. Comfort Road interchange so that they can avoid going to their Indianapolis destination and get lost in vapid exurbia instead?

Assorted overpass labels and BGS's, all in glorious button copy. Notice that the latest distance sign references Mount Comfort without the "Rd," which just makes it even stranger that the previous one even included the road name if the town itself is a valid destination.

From Mt. Comfort Rd. (County Road 600W), onto I-70 at Exit 96, and into Indianapolis (which pretty much fills up Marion County).

At the beginning of the I-65 concurrency (see big link at bottom) and down the ramp to I-65 NB. The Meridian St. exit is former US 31, which explains the blank space up top.

Continuing beyond where I-65 SB leaves to the west side of the I-465 beltway. There are assorted other US and state highways secretly multiplexed with I-465 and just not mentioned here for convenience.

SR 39 NB at Exit 59.

Ending the way I began, from 1979 courtesy Michael Summa. A few BGS's from that age have NJDOT-style black shield backgrounds.

The I-70/65 concurrency
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Into Illinois on I-70
Exit 156 to US 40
(Exit 151) to US 27
Exit 104 to SR 9
Exit 90 or 73 to I-465
(Exit 80) to I-65 alone
Exit 73 to I-74
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