Indiana Roads - I-70/US 40 EB

I-70 and I-70/US 40 eastbound

As of January 2011, US 40 was routed out of Terre Haute and onto I-70 for the ride around the city to Exit 11, which explains nearly half of these photos. The SR 46 shield was moved aside for Exit 11. The rest are on here for button copy or black backgrounds.

Button copy to SR 267, which was rerouted east to Quaker Blvd. to participate in exit 66.

Courtesy Scott Colbert, approaching Indianapolis at the western edge of the International Airport, where new airport roadways are under construction as part of a new midfield terminal. Eventually there will be an interchange here, and even more eventually there will be a runway crossing I-70 to connect to planned airport expansion to the south. There's a C-D lane setup going on here, but otherwise the existing Exit 73 A-B for I-465/I-74 is unchanged in configuration.

Continuing into Indy. Even overpass signs are button copy - and many states don't have those at all. The median exit approach signs are normally only seen in California. The last photo is where the Indianapolis Colts now play, with downtown in the background.

Past the home of the Colts before I hit I-65 - see the big link below for their concurrency. The first photo exposes, in button copy of course, a practice I knew nothing about - partitioning downtown Indy into quadrants.

First and last photos courtesy Doug Kerr.

Still a common overpass style along I-70, but one that's slowly disappearing because these original structures are aging.

Last photo courtesy Doug Kerr.

Back on from SR 109 at Exit 115 and continuing east through the rest of my photos.

These were all taken on January 10, 2006 by a Digimax 301 camera, and are courtesy Doug Kerr. However, I since replaced the 1-mile advance sign for Exits 156A-B with a Bill Donovan photo. You'll see - it looks bigger and shinier than the others. US 35 clearly isn't an east-west route (just look back at Exit 149 if you don't believe me). Among all of the BGS's, only the Exit 151A advance sign isn't button copy, but I included it for the NJ-style shield.

Throwing in one more of my photos, at the Ohio border.

The I-70/65 concurrency
Exit 11 or 156 to US 40 alone
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Into Ohio on I-70
Exit 7 to US 41
Exit 69 or 73 to I-465
Exit 69 or 73 to I-74
Exit 80 to I-65 alone
Exit 104 to SR 9
Exit 151 to US 27
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