Indiana Roads - I-69 - NB N. of Indy/US 24/SR 37

north of Indianapolis and I-69 NB/US 24 EB

Note that the photos on this page were taken before 2012, when exit numbers were increased by 200 northeast of Indianapolis in preparation for the new freeway toward Kentucky.

The run of button copy on I-69/SR 37 before 37 departs, starting on Binford Blvd. (formerly SR 37 through Indianapolis). The two Exit 1 "Next Right" signs are about 100 feet apart.

Ugly shields at SR 14.

Up to the Exit 34 C-D road. SR 9 only jumps on for one exit around Anderson, but SR 67 stays until Exit 34, soaking up the button copy to be found both on guide signs and bridge identifiers.

Ending on the Exit 45 ramp.

These signs include the US 35 duplex. All caps are an old style not used on fully reflective signs. When I'm not photographing button copy, I take an occasional interest in bridges (and see the new reflective sign on it for comparison to the old ones).

The first sign belongs to SR 5 NB, obviously photographed at an unseemly angle from the freeway.

In Fort Wayne, joined by US 30 for the last 3 photos, second and last photos courtesy Scott Colbert. All of these are now shared with US 24 EB, which used to ride south on I-69 to I-469 until 2012, but now uses the other half of Fort Wayne's freeway loop. US 27 used to ride I-69 from Fort Wayne all the way up to Michigan. Then Michigan decided it would like to replace all of its hundreds of miles of US 27 signs by switching it with US 127 from their junction northward. Since 27 is never its own road in that stretch, it was truncated back to Fort Wayne in 2001, but since the signs are old, it still shows up here. It has since been removed from all of the signs along the route. Another change occurring later than the US 27 sign is having US 30 multiplexed with I-69 around Fort Wayne instead of going through the middle (now SR 930). How much would it cost to patch a 27 with a 30?

Past Fort Wayne now, past a rather shoddy looking new sign and the last button copy left in the state. CO RD 11-A is fine, but small caps do not belong on this sign and the place names should be mixed case.

Exit 5 to SR 37 alone
Exit 115 (secretly) to US 24 alone
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