Indiana Roads/Non-Roads - 14th St. Br./Falls of the Ohio

14th Street Bridge, Clarksville
Falls of the Ohio

Heading west on Riverside Drive under a bridge you'd think carried a street, perhaps 14th. But no, its name predates horseless carriages, and the only road on it is of the rail variety. It was built in 1868 and spent most of its time with the Pennsylvania Railroad. The tracks to the south occupy what would be 14th St. in Louisville, except there is at no point an actual street in that right of way.

The Ohio River splits into three at this bridge. The dam that creates the Falls is at the downstream (west) end of the center channel. The northern channel is a mostly-empty spillway from the upstream damlet (to dam or not to dam...) that you see in the first photo.

Panning from west to east along the northern channel/spillway of the Ohio River, west of the 14th Street Bridge. Not much to see here unless you like trains or snowy mud.

Or bridges. There's always that.

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