Illinois Roads - US 66 - Williamsville

, Williamsville

IL 123 EB comes into Williamsville and ends at US 66, the way it always does. If you continue straight, the road curves into Main St., which then meets US 66. The first alignment, Oak St., is the newer, dualized one, and the second alignment, Elm St., is the original by the railroad. I believe Elm St. curved into Taylor St. originally.

Southbound on Oak St. until it comes to I-55 and is forced to curve east. Williamsville has covered up any trace of the divided highway beyond what it has allowed to survive.

Back north as the highway divides.

Southbound on Elm St. until it is forced to curve west. Remember how Oak St. was forced to curve east?

There are few places where you can go straight on US 66 westbound and end up on eastbound, as well as vice versa, and this is one. Neither old alignment has a stub between I-55 and the railroad because there's a business covering both old roads.

A treat as I head back north on Elm St. The star of this show is probably the street blade with the US shield, which might date to before US 66 was decommissioned.

Continue west on old US 66 to Business I-55, Springfield
Continue east on old US 66 to Logan County

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