Illinois Roads - US 66 - Montgomery Co.

Former US 66 in Montgomery County

The former EB lanes continue from Macoupin County, occasionally well-preserved enough to have visible striping.

Picking a random driveway, I pull out for photos as if heading eastbound; mind the guiderail.

White lane stripes are still there, but the yellow left stripe is somewhat rarer. I'm in the same spot, looking southwest.

Continuing to the separation of routes newer and older at Litchfield. The newer route is only a block or two west of the older one, which skirted the west side of town instead of the usual route through the middle.

Eastward and westward looks at the old EB dualized (bypass) lanes as I head onto the route through town.

Go into Litchfield, get rewarded with pavement shields.

Poke around a little more, find Interstate Interstate 55 shields in the area of the Walmart. I would blame them, but I like errors, and I don't want to give them credit for making me happy.

No, the route didn't end here from 1930-1940. The "END" probably covers a correct right arrow.

Somehow, the road switched sides, and now the old WB lanes are abandoned. So is the railroad trestle, up between County Roads 1400 and 1500. Normally an Interstate takes over half of an old dualized US highway when they're adjacent and parallel, but in this case, I-55 stays out of US 66's right of way, resulting in four parallel carriageways if you count the broken WB lanes.

It's clearer, looking southwest, that there's no track continuing to the left (east).

The old WB lanes are blocked off because they're about to disappear under the abutment atop which the usurper I-55 rests.

Old US 66 concrete still shows through the pockmarked asphalt north of IL 48/127 as it follows the western I-55 frontage road.

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