Illinois Roads - US 66 - Macoupin Co.

in Macoupin County

Old US 66 EB bears right off Madison St. and left onto Bentrup Rd. in Staunton. The second arrow looks like an upside-down recycled sign, but too faded to determine.

The Staunton alignment of US 66 was the intermediate one, between the original IL 4 and the upgraded alignment that became I-55. The latter two join northeast of Staunton, and then separate here as the 1930s alignment goes into Mt. Olive and the more recent one bypasses around it. From there north to Litchfield is one of the rare places where I-55 wasn't built next to or on top of US 66, but rather cuts a straighter alignment to the west. I'd appreciate this sign more if it didn't use Arial.

Old US 66 was dualized in place, but only the old WB lanes were kept open. The former EB lanes were left alone after the construction of I-55, torn up in some places or used for driveway access. This is just before the Mt. Olive turnoff.

From said Mt. Olive turnoff, looking north (EB) and south (WB) at the old eastbound lanes.

Preserved Americana in Mt. Olive, Soulsby's Service.

As if it were still a state highway, US 66 EB comes to Main St., and then the monument is at Lake St. The old "JCT" plate looks vaguely like an old font.

Well, technically, the Mt. Olive bypass is Old Rte 66, and the road through town is Even Older Rte 66, but I won't complain about any sign that resurrects the designation. In this case, Mt. Olive never changed the legal street names to keep up with IDOT and AASHTO.

Heading west along "US Hwy 66" from the old alignment, looking at the old EB lanes next to me, still showing traces of white lane stripes.

Turned around, heading northeast to the Montgomery County line.

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