Illinois Roads - US 66 - Logan Co.

Former US 66, Logan County

An old alignment pops up on the west side of old US 66 in Elkhart. It's accessible at Governor Oglesby St.

Did I say accessible? Then I'll access it. Original US 66 follows the rear of several buildings, still passable, while the "new old" route heads straight in front of the buildings.

The eagle-eyed among you may have noted a pavement shield as I took this dirty, unsigned old alignment. Someone cares.

Looking back west from where I come back to the straighter routing.

The old alignment curves across the more modern one and follows it to the east for awhile before petering out in a field. The only access is back where the Elkhart loop comes in.

On that note, I head back from whence I came.

Original US 66 follows several streets through Lincoln, while the newer 66 alignment bypasses it to the northwest on Lincoln Pkwy. 66 comes up Stringer Ave. from Lincoln Pkwy./Business I-55, passes the first two photos, and turns east on 5th St./Business I-55, taking that to Logan St., IL 10/121, and Kickapoo St. Business I-55 doesn't follow Stringer Ave., but it does pick up original US 66 at 5th St. It's anyone's guess why there's only one street of deviation - Stringer Ave. isn't exactly a through route, but how many non-locals are coming into Lincoln and following the business route? Business I-55 should follow one of the two US 66s faithfully, either the original or the bypass. The third photo is on 5th at Maple St. and the last is at the beginning of Kickapoo. (" just starting to Kick a poo"?)

IL 10 WB (silently)/IL 121 NB at Lincoln Pkwy. IL 121 ends at I-55 multiplexed with 10, which continues on, but 121 used to continue up to Peoria. The old surface road was gradually upgraded to freeway until it suddenly became I-155 upon completion and wiped out the old number. 121 used to turn north here on 66, even after 66 was decommissioned, and headed straight as Lincoln Pkwy. curves east. It was rerouted west to I-55 so that it would be continuous with I-155.

For the second time in Illinois, US 66 (1930-1940 routing) is signed as ending when it doesn't. Worse, this time there's no clue as to which way it goes. The answer is to follow Business I-55. Both directions are old US 66 after 1940.

Arch St. in Atlanta continues straight past Sycamore St., ending in the middle of grass. You guessed it, Arch is the original US 66 alignment.

With nowhere else to go, I come back down Arch to Sycamore.

Sycamore St. becomes 2400 St. at Lincoln Pkwy., the newer US 66 alignment between Arch and I-55 (physically as well as temporally). Lincoln was once dualized, and while most of the former EB lanes have disappeared, the concrete is visible under the 2400 St. pavement, looking southwest and northeast respectively.

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