Illinois Roads - US 66 - Joliet Rd.

Joliet Road,

Three WB photos from the western section of Joliet Rd., courtesy Doug Kerr. This short stretch of US 66 links I-55 to Romeoville, while the rest of the photos are from the eastern section through Countryside, McCook, and Lyons. I-55 obliterated US 66 between Exits 269 and 276.

Approaching Chicago by dawn.

Joliet Rd. no longer exists in the southwest quadrant of small, industrial McCook. Traffic is diverted before this stub up East Ave. to 55th St. instead. There doesn't seem to be any structural reason for closing the road, so it may be related to the industrial business(es?) on either side, but it looks like they're not even using the closed lanes.

Looking west from the 55th St. end.

EB at 55th St. It's a poor idea to go 45 in this half-block.

IL 171 has a half-interchange with Joliet Rd. The other half is shared with 47th St. to the north, accessed via 1st Ave. Usually those little white plaques are for the street that the route is on, but in this case, IL 171 is above it.

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