Illinois Roads - I-57


NB up to the first exit in the state. There's really nothing of interest in Cairo anymore (okay, maybe the state park, sorta), which is why the sign has been allowed to fade from its original brown without being updated. The migrant service center is the closest to being interesting of anything there, and IDOT tries to punch it up with a multicolor logo. At Exit 1 itself, it's clear that "SOUTH 51" was patched over whatever was there originally - not US 51, which used what is now IL 37 east of the interchange, but maybe an extension of IL 127. (Or maybe it was in fact signed as IL 3/US 51, with signs to use IL 3 SB to get to both directions of US 51.)

Signs down the NB Exit 1 ramp. It's much harder to tell what the symbol is for with the color faded and without the helpful explanatory "Migrant Service Center" text. Oh, I know, why not JUST have the text? If the migrants can't read English, well, they can't figure out what this symbol is for either. Laundromat? Free bread?

NB up to the long straightaway at Lick Creek (Exit 36), built without concern fo the surrounding topography. The Exit 25 sign was assembled without concern for sign design standards, ending up with a contrived solution of puzzle pieces crammed into corners where they reall don't fit. Move both destinations down, center them, move "North 51" up, and center that as well. If the sign gets a little taller, it also gets a little correcter.

I-57 NB and I-64 WB around Mt. Vernon, under IL 15.

IL 33 EB in Effingham, taken by Michael Summa in 1982.

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