Illinois Roads - US 66 - Chicago

in Chicago

Above: Jackson Blvd., originally a two-way road but now just the eastbound approach to downtown Chicago, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Not yet in Chicago but east of Joliet Rd., these mark the way on Ogden Ave. in Berwyn.

On into Cicero, with the latter railroad at 26th St.

Now into actual Chicago, past another railroad at Lawndale Ave. to a zone of quiet. Obey the limit of speed. Parking of 2 hour limit. Turn on red of no.

Ogden Ave. inbound (EB) approaching Douglas Park and then at the railroad overpasses beyond it. The last photo is at the second of the three trestles, with the west one abandoned and a single track (out of two) left on the east.

Continuing into the city, see if you can recognize the tall building. Hint: this is a side view, whereas most people are familiar with the front or back. Hint: It's really tall.

Adams St. WB, the one-way pair to Jackson Blvd. and thus the beginning of old US 66, at Franklin St. during reconstruction of Lower Wacker Drive by Sears Tower. Gawk at I-I-290, RIDOT Surprise, and the wide range of FHWA fonts.

Downtown Chicago is defined by the Loop, a ring of subway tracks that bring most of the lines together for a whirl around downtown. This is the west side of the Loop, above Wells St., seen from Jackson Blvd. The last photo looks south along Wells.

Adams St. looking south along Wabash Ave. and the east side of the Loop.

Illinois does sign old US 66 as ending several times when it doesn't (when an original alignment meets a newer one), but you'll only see a Begin sign in two places, and those are Los Angeles and here on Adams St. The EB (Jackson Blvd.) End sign and the Begin sign are both at Michigan Ave., the historic terminus of US 66. Although Jackson Blvd. extends east to Lake Shore Drive, 66 did not. (It is worth noting that LSD did not exist when 66 was first designated, and that goes for the drug as well as the highway.)

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