Illinois Roads - US 66 - Chain of Rocks Rd.

Chain of Rocks Road, former US 66

Signs of businesses past as I head east through Mitchell. A railroad runs just west of downtown, bisecting Chain of Rocks Rd. into east and west. There's nothing interesting in the west half, so you can skip ahead over the tracks on I-270 and exit on the other side at IL 203. The construction of 270 spelled the end of the US 66 grade crossing; Chain of Rocks Rd. now uses a pair of folded diamond interchanges to get up, over, and back down, while never merging with the mainline freeway. IL 203 and, interestingly, its old alignment of Old Alton Rd. also come in here. More interestingly, IL 203 and Old Alton are both also alignments of US 66, which had a lot of reroutes in this area. There are still more alignments that don't come through Mitchell.

The last interesting sign before IL 157 is a narrow EB shield.

Continue west on old US 66 to Chain of Rocks Bridge
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