Illinois Roads - US 66 - Chain of Rocks Br. - Approach

Chain of Rocks Bridge approach

The approach to the main bridge is considered a "Spur" because it dead-ends, but this was the main US 66 route for over 30 years. The shield at top is WB, and this one is EB at IL 3, pointing to Chain of Rocks Rd.

Looking north at the New Chain of Rocks Bridge, opened in 1966 to carry I-270 and killing off the original.

Westbound over the Chain of Rocks Canal and along original, concrete US 66 to the parking lot that marks the end of the driveable road. The Canal Bridge was two narrow lanes, but is now a single lane, stoplight-controlled on either side, since there is so little traffic.

Riverbank perspective of the Chain of Rocks main span, looking south/SW.

Heading back east from the parking lot to the canal. Click on the last image for a video drive off of Chouteau Island.

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