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US 95

Starting the page a little out of sequence, at a really poorly designed sign assembly. For reference, "NORTH" should be over US 95, "TO" should be over US 2 with both letters the same size, all of the fonts should be Series E (wide) instead of C (narrow), and the arrows should be the same size. Oh, that's just the BGS. The exit warning sign should be much larger than the other supplemental signs.

Former (as of a year before I visited in 2013) US 95 NB and SB at the 1st Ave./Superior St. intersection in Sandpoint.

Heading south from there, here's an oblique view of the BNSF Kootenai River Subdivision line heading to a trestle over the Pend Oreille River (at Pend Oreille Lake).

Taking a northbound trip over the river on the "Long Bridge," I'll show you more of the railroad, but notice something else creeping into view: an old alignment just east of the current US 95. And an old alignment next to a bridge generally means there's an old bridge to be walked. Just one of the things I do for my fans:

Walking north on old US 95, built in 1956 and replaced just 25 years later. This wasn't a total waste, as the old bridge became a pedestrian path. So I'm not actually trespassing in these photos (for once?). The old milepost must therefore be older than 1981.

Walking back south. The milepost isn't as faded in this direction, which makes sense because the sun is in the south much more of the year than in the north. You can also see traces of 32+ year-old center striping (last 2 photos).

Better views of the railroad bridge than I could get while driving.

There's a loop path under the bridges on the south shore of the Pend Oreille River for those who don't want to cross for 2 miles. See what differences you can spot between the older (right) and newer (left) bridges. I found skinnier piers and a smaller pier cap, not to mention different decks (mini-girder vs. slab and girder).

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