Iowa Roads - I-29

Above: Ave. G WB in Council Bluffs.

IA 2 EB with current state-name shields, courtesy Jeremy Lance.

Somewhere south of Council Bluffs along the routes' duplex. IA 192 NB? I-29 SB? It was taken in 1986 by Michael Summa.

In 1979 at the split of the two routes in Council Bluffs, also courtesy Michael Summa.

I-29 also shares space with I-80's child route to the north; I-680 continues I-80's due westward path from Des Moines but then drops down I-29 to circle around the north side of Omaha.

Courtesy J.P. Nasiatka, this is NB on I-29 coming off a wrong-way multiplex with US 75. The shields need to be lined up, and for some reason the I-129 shield that was clearly there was replaced with all text. Maybe the DOT ran out? Is that possible? Also notice the lack of the word "EXIT" in the tab.

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