Florida Roads - Wakulla County

Wakulla County

Two CR shields that are so old they still have the Keys on them (not to mention use the state shield design), courtesy Sean P. McCool. The first shield got the S patched with a C in the 1970's, when Florida downloaded its secondary routes to the counties, but Wakulla missed the second shield.

Remaining photos on this page are courtesy Costa Ioannidis.

It's rare enough to find a two-digit county route, given that county routes are based on the former state highway system and few 2-digit routes were decommissioned. But it's even rarer to find one that was already a secondary route. This is west of Sopchoppy.

CR 365 NB at FL 267. Not CR 267 - it had been an SR, then was downloaded to the county and got the standard COUNTY tag (and presumably had a "C" sticker to the left of the route number at one point), and was then re-uploaded to the state system again.

A strange way to show distance. This means 27 miles to FL 20 (via FL 267) at Shadeville Rd. in Wakulla.

CR 375 heading east from US 98/US 319 during their short second (eastern) duplex, to its eastern end at CR 365. Of course, especially as can be seen in the first photo, these were also once secondary routes. FL S-375 had multiplexed west with 319 and took off northward to Bloxham - there is still a CR 375 there, so I wonder whether it officially exists in two pieces or still multiplexes with 319 according to Wakulla County.

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