Florida Roads - US 90/1

, US 1/90

The shield above was taken in 1978 just west of FL 49 in Live Oak, courtesy Michael Summa.

Usually I put these atop my Summa pages, but this one gets to stick with its US 90 brothers; it was also taken in 1978 and is also from Michael Summa.

WB in Holt at what used to be FL S-189 and is now Okaloosa CR 189, courtesy Costa Ioannidis. A few old FDOT signs, especially those that are now county routes it seems (although that just may be because the others still on state highways have been routinely replaced by the state), have stenciled numerals.

Mumps shields WB in DeFuniak Springs. I wanna pop the bubbles!

The next six photos are courtesy Costa Ioannidis.

Pirates Cove Rd. NB in Ponce de Leon, which may have been old FL 81 and/or old US 90.

WB and EB on Holmes CR 10A, old US 90 (Old Spanish Trail) for many miles with a few fits and starts. These are around Ponce de Leon. The EB FL 81 shield is as old as any of the patched "C" or colored US shields on my pages. The C-81A shield probably was put up by the county (there's no way that's a state job) right after the route was given back from the state, and then has been ignored since. CR 81A is several miles west of and parallel to FL 81, but the two never come close to meeting.

EB in Caryville, another former secondary highway converted to county route.

One more FL 10A photo and one more stencil, this time in the Sneads area somewhat east of Ponce de Leon and Caryville.

Adams St. NB in Tallahassee, the last Costa Ioannidis photo on this page for awhile. Adams St. was FL 363 when these shields were erected (or else why bother), and US 27 never turned here, but it has always been parallel to the east. FL 363 left Adams St. when the Capitol complex was rebuilt, which was in the mid-1970's.

Leaving the FSU campus in Tallahassee, back to 1978 and Michael Summa's photos.

Greenville, courtesy Michael Summa, 1989.

Florida's Turnpike is nearly 100 miles south, but Florida wants to remind you that you could be paying to head south! Taken westbound in 1974, once more by Michael Summa, with a Sunshine State Parkway shield even though the entire road was only known as Florida's Turnpike by that time.

Colored shields still standing in Lake City, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. FL 100 has a secret multiplex with US 90 and other roads (US 41 and US 129) all the way up to here, but diverges to the east and so is signed as if it begins there.

Westbound just southeast of downtown Jacksonville, courtesy Michael Summa and taken in 1976.

US 90 EB and US 1 SB over the Main Street Bridge in Jacksonville, oldest of the many downtown St. Johns River crossings.

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