Florida Roads - US 441/41/17/92/FL 7

US 92 never goes NORTH. It's going EAST above. The first photo above was taken in 1971 north of FL 50 and the second was taken in 1989 just north of FL 238 in Ellisville, both courtesy Michael Summa. The third photo is courtesy J. P. Nasiatka.

NB in the gargantuan Golden Glades interchange that combines all the routes seen here with FL 91, the mainline Florida's Turnpike. In the first photo, FDOT made the wrong shield wide and widened it the wrong way. The other photos are old clearance signs from the ramp to I-95 NB.

SB in Lauderhill, just west of Fort Lauderdale, in 1974 courtesy Michael Summa. Everything is button copy up there except the Florida outline.

At worst, these mast arm signs should co-list US 441 and FL 7, but just US 441 would be fine.

Something's missing here. It's the color red for the Florida outlines, which is the toll road standard.

Somewhere in Palm Beach County (between FL 802 and 810) in 1977, courtesy Michael Summa.

Clint Moore Rd. WB. I have no words for this freakiness. The adjacent Walmart may be to blame.

Florida decides that shields need to be mounted overhead, and proceeds to mess up the US 1 shield. Notice the inconsistency between signs - arrows are getting thicker (the FL 802 set are best), directions have different font and capitalization (the FL 802 set are best), and miniature shields for road names have different fonts and borders (the FL 802 set are best).

Remaining photos are courtesy J. P. Nasiatka or Michael Summa - those from Michael Summa will be given a year with them, as they're all historical photos from before 1990, so that's how to tell them apart.

FL 15A SB in Pahokee, 1978.

US 441 SB/US 192 EB in St. Cloud at former FL 523, and a former CR 525 shield.

SB at the southern end of the US 17/92/441 triplex, and then narrow shields NB on Main St. in Kissimmee at the same intersection. 17/92 once went straight into Kissimmee instead, which may or may not have been easier on the eyes.

US 17/441 SB and US 92 WB at the sunshiny Osceola Parkway; first photo old, second photo new. I believe Florida's Turnpike, another toll road, is not replacing its old green square shields, whereas the Osceola Parkway is constantly replacing its designs (perhaps to justify the tolls). It thus has replaced the Turnpike shield with a very strange arrow that is trying to be the craziest name for a state route ever.

NB at the Parkway, with Florida's Turnpike to the right (and how about that apostrophe?).

EB on US 92 and NB on US 17/441 at Hunters Creek Blvd., it appears that I-4 can be reached to the left or straight ahead. This is true, of course. Before TOLL FL 417 was constructed, John Young Parkway was the way to I-4, according to J. P. Nasiatka (though I don't quite see why). Of cour$e, now that there'$ a toll road there in$tead, the JYP I-4 $hield ha$ been greened over.

Speaking of the devil, SB at FL 417. You tell me which way the airport is. I happen to know the answer, thanks to J. P.

It's north.

NJ 528 migrates south, since NJDOT only knows of a CR 528. This is on US 441 SB, but also on US 17 SB/US 92 WB, not that those routes matter or anything. This will only be here while Florida's Turnpike is under construction.

Old overhead shields, also SB/WB - FL 482 is old FL 528 before the Bee Line Expressway was completed. That should really be TOLL FL 528, but I'm not begging for a replacement shield just yet.

On the southeast corner of the FL 482 intersection is the Florida Mall. This abomination is at one of the exits. Run away.

Northbound in 1971 nearing FL 50 in Orlando and the end of the triplex.

Erroneous FL 441 shield leaving the Amway Arena (formerly TD Waterhouse Arena, and still where the Orlando Magic play). US 17 and 92 follow FL 50 away from US 441, so they should definitely be in this photo.

Northbound and then eastbound on the side road, still in Orlando, in 1971. Again, you know it's old because since then, FL 438 was realigned onto Princeton St. and extended east of US 441. It's also old because since then, the State Road Department has become the Department of Transportation. Now, Silver Star Road, where these photos were taken, is FL 416 both ways from 441.

Not an error, but a change in direction where the John Young Parkway (left) comes back to US 441, and runs into Lee Road (right) north of downtown Orlando. This photo was taken NB on US 441. On the I-4 page, you'll see that FL 423 turns into CR 423 near I-4. Don't be alarmed, that happens regularly in Florida, where state-highway mileage is strictly capped.

NB and SB at a fancy new bridge, where I assume the arch somehow supplements the girders to keep them somewhat thinner. I still call shenanigans for the sake of being pretty. Toll-funded shenanigans, no less.

To the left, old FL 44, not up to state standards but the continuation of the through route. Straight ahead, I bet signage starts to disappear because FL 44 doesn't go that way (it either ends here or ended when it hit US 441 to the north). This is SB/FL 44 EB.

Another Ellisville-area photo (I say "another" because of the 41-441 photo atop this page), northbound in 1975.

Begin multiplex, south of Lake City, in 1984.

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