Florida Roads - US 221/CR 361A

US 221, Taylor CR 361A (former FL S-361A)

As you can see in the backgroud, this road is approaching US 19/98. This is Taylor CR 361A EB, taken in 1984 by Michael Summa; there should also be a US 221 colored shield pointing straight ahead (the beginning of that road) and a US 27 ALT reverse-color shield (that would be rectangular with ALT inside it) pointing either way along with US 19 and US 98. Just to the north, US 27 ALT ends when US 27 comes back and steals US 19 away from US 98.

Heading westbound (but in a southerly direction) on CR 361A away from US 221 courtesy Costa Ioannidis, but it's a continuation of the same road so it goes on this page. These very faded shields are vestiges of the 1970's when FDOT tried the secondary route concept - FDOT would perform construction on the roads, but the counties would maintain them. As you can see, counties do a poor job of maintaining at least the signage on the roads, which may have exasperated FDOT to the point of giving most of the secondary routes and even some primary routes back to the counties in the 1980's. At least Florida came by and slapped "COUNTY" stickers on all the old signs (and "C" stickers on most of them).

Greenville, courtesy Michael Summa, 1989.

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