Florida Roads - US 19, 19/98/ALT 27

US 19,

ALT US 27 splits from US 27 in Williston and makes a beeline toward the Gulf of Mexico, only to then spend most of its time with US 19/98. The above shields are in Chiefland, and the photo was taken in 1984 by Michael Summa.

In Clearwater, courtesy SPUI. This colored shield just doesn't seem that old to me (it could reasonably be under 20 years old).

S-490 WB in 1974, south of Homosassa Springs, courtesy Michael Summa. Florida has the best names for things, like Caloosahatchee.

ALT 27 NB at US 19/98, the same intersection already featured twice on the US 27 page (quite a lot there), and then US 19/98 NB in the same spot, both once more courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. FL 500 is the secret shadow route for US 27 ALT to the south, and FL 55 is the secret shadow route for US 19/98, but it's hard to call that a secret anymore.

First photo taken in 1984 by Michael Summa (he thinks in Levy County), and second photo courtesy Sean P. McCool (definitely in Levy County), both on former state secondary highways that have been decommissioned to county routes. While Michael doesn't know what route the first photo is on, Sean tells me the second is on CR 341 NB in Chiefland. They could conceivably be two generations of the same assembly, but I doubt that there would have been a replacement of good signs between 1984 and the end of the colored shield era.

Another definite Levy County photo, this time courtesy Costa Ioannidis. Again, no idea what road this photo is on, and again it could have been a replacement of the signs in Michael's photo but it's more likely these were three different intersections.

US 19/I-275, Sunshine Skyway Bridge
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