Florida Roads - Osceola Pkwy./Osceola CR 522

All photos courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

Osceola Parkway is a county toll road that has at-grade intersections and horribly substandard signage. Look at the arrow on the Disney sign, for example, as well as the elongated shield that's essentially an advertisement. Also notice that the only TOLL warning is on the far left, above the CR 522 shield (it's not everyday you see a toll county route). This is Poinciana Blvd. WB, which takes traffic from FL 535 onto the westbound Parkway.

This is what the actual shields look like - and the signage gets even worse.

Here and at top are some more shields - the new, ugly ones - for Osceola CR 522.

Backlit AND metric, WB.

First, duplication of highway name (WB), and then old destination overwritten (well, moved to the top) due to the road's completion to the airport (EB).

Yummy oldness, WB. Dig the strange arrow.

Probably WB on the Parkway, not only is the US 192 shield reversed, but the entire sign is purple, not green, thanks to Disney World. The Markers are a Disney creation that, like this sign, have no counterpart in reality.

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