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South of Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach to Vero Beach

North of Vero Beach

The first sign was found on I-95 NB near FL 834 in 1975, and the second photo from 1982 (but not from I-95) is there to make things more interesting, both courtesy Michael Summa. As you can see, there are traces of lower numbers behind the higher ones, and that's no accident. The background of these speed limit signs is flat white, and the numbers you can't really see are reflective white. The numbers you can actually see are flat black except where they overlap the ghost numbers, and then they're reflective black. The effect of this is that during the day, you can only see the front numerals (unless you're using your headlights), and during the night, you can only see the back numerals (unless your headlights are really spotlights).

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