Florida Roads - I-395

I-395 heads east from I-95 into downtown Miami. It is one of the shortest Interstates in the country. The I-395 shield above (with background signage) was taken on NW 12th St. WB at NW 2nd Ave. in Miami by Michael Summa in 1973. The next seven photos were taken in June 1979 by Averill Hecht; it should be obvious where my modern photos pick up.

Two views of the FL 836/I-395/I-95 stack. It's a modified stack wherein instead of each pair of opposing flyovers being on the same level, each left-hand ramp is on the same level as the roadway it left from. I-95 SB and the SB-EB ramp are on the bottom, for example.

I-395 EB. The reason there are ramps on both the left and right is because traffic from I-95 has three lanes, while traffic from FL 836 has two lanes. Mixing that traffic within 1500 feet seemed like a poor idea, so instead the 836 and 95 traffic stays on their respective sides of a divider, and each gets its own exit to US 1 and downtown Miami. East of here, the lanes merge together, and US 41 takes over on the way across to Miami Beach.

12th St. WB, which acts as the onramp from US 1 to I-395 WB. Unlike with eastbound traffic, westbound traffic is not divided before the ramps from US 1 can merge in, but rather the ramps merge in on opposite sides just to prevent weaving (as in, it's still possible to weave if you felt compelled to). Modern signage still signs this as I-95 and FL 836 instead of I-395.

The best a modern shield can do, but quite poor.

EB and WB present-day signs for US 1 - well, the WB pull-through is a bit of a holdover. Notice that FL 836 through traffic has Exit 2A, yet I-95 entering traffic has Exit 2B, for the same cross-street half a block apart. Since both roadways are still separated by a barrier, drivers can't be confused by having both exits signed as 2. Notice the substantial differences between US 1 BGS's and the clearance sign unnecessarily posted on the gantry (and far too small to be of help if a tall truck impossibly got there).

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