Florida Roads - Holmes County

Holmes County

All photos on this page are courtesy Costa Ioannidis.

The only route on this page that bucks the numbering trend of the others, probably because most of the former state secondary routes in this county were numbered near each other, whereas this one is just west of and parallel to FL 81 - but they never intersect.

Now, you see, this may have been FL 160 or at least S-160 (secondary route), but there's no way to know because the county bastardized the signs hopelessly. The first sign is definitely newer than the decommissioning, and is poorly done enough that I'd believe it was county commissioned. So, given that this is definitely no longer a state highway, why would the county order a state shield? The second photo is an occasional problem, where the redundant "C" from the original converted state shields (like the 81A above and most of the other photos on this page) is retained even after the pentagons go up, which only squishes the pentagon digits. Except, Earth to Holmes County, these are supposed to be blue and not green.

Former S-162 outside Bonifay, then entering the county from Alabama with another screwed-up shield. There is absolutely no reason to have kept the Florida state outline from the state shields. As you have seen by now, though, there is no one standard applied throughout the county.

CR 173, clearly former S-173, SB from Alabama and tying the two previous photos together. The second photo is probably at Reddick Mill Rd., which is the only location along the route where another road is straighter than 173.

In Noma.

In this case, you can see that this wasn't S-177, but just plain 177. Most converted primary routes have a "C" sticker to the left of the route number, but in some cases they either fell off or were never applied. The "COUNTY" tag is more consistently always there.

One last Alabama-area shield (I assume they were all taken SB), then down to the southern end of CR 177A (which almost definitely was a secondary route spur from FL 177). Across FL 79 is the southern beginning of CR 173.

First, another screwed-up new-looking shield at CR 160 (matching the nearby one near the top of this page), then an old patched shield in Westville. Holmes County likes its hyphens, even though the original secondary routes didn't have them.

Did you figure out this page is organized in numerical order? This is the highest-numbered route on the page, another former primary route, in Westville.

\] Holmes/Walton CR 185, former FL S-185
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