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FL A1A was FL 1 until US 1 came along. Changing 1 to 1A would imply relation to US 1, so Florida just doubled the A, never mind that A1A functions as the beach route for US 1 anyway, and is often effectively (but not officially) multiplexed with it.

SB (west) across MacArthur Causeway at sunset, approaching I-395.

Evidence of the rising cost of raw materials? 26th St., Miami Beach.

Heading north through Miami Beach. Second photo is the Fontainebleau Resort, where FL A1A NB rejoins A1A SB on Collins Ave.

Just before the Fontainebleau is the beginning of FL 112, which becomes I-195 leaving Miami Beach before becoming FL 112 again on the far side of I-95.

17th St. Causeway, Fort Lauderdale, taken winter 1984 by Averill Hecht.

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea's famous historic sign on Commercial Blvd., pointing toward the water from FL A1A. It's at the end of FL 870.

Florida's old font, northbound in Pompano Beach in 1976, courtesy Michael Summa.

Modern A1A signs in Pompano Beach, first one northbound at Ocean Bay Club Drive. There are four bolts in there, so this can't just be a mistake. The contractor had to have seen this going in upside-down. In the second photo, while the route number is A1A, the name is Ocean Blvd., which is what should go on street signs.

George J. King Blvd. WB in the industrial area of Cape Canaveral. FL 528 (Bee Line Expwy.) begins at the next interchange to the northwest, FL 401. Guess the contractor felt he needed to put something next to that FL 528 shield for balance.

Peninsula Ave. SB in New Smyrna Beach at FL A1A, courtesy Costa Ioannidis. The old colored shield is sadly gone now, thanks to one too many hurricanes.

All but the last photo below are courtesy J. P. Nasiatka, as is the one atop the page.

The Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine, over the Matanzas River to Anastasia Island, courtesy J. P. Nasiatka. Built in 1925-27, its historic value led to plans for its replacement turning into plans for restoration. That's what you see in the third photo, with traffic using the temporary bridge.

Post-restoration, heading east (FL A1A SB) across the bridge. I can't explain why it's just slightly less cool without the grime and deterioration.

Back west/NB into St. Augustine again. The old photos from J. P. suggest that at least part of the old deck (between towers) was open steel grate, but the new is concrete all the way across. Maybe I do like it better now after all.

A view from the waterfront a few blocks south in downtown.

Both of these US 1 assemblies, at the base of the Bridge of Lions, should be Business 1's. The first also has cute destinations that should be on an LGS, and the second is an interesting circumstance where going straight takes you in a complete U-turn from the last point at which A1A and US 1 multiplex.

Almost to Georgia, this ancient button copy can still be found NB at the Mayport Naval Station, of which FL A1A skirts the west side and then hops a ferry across the St. John's River. Photo courtesy Costa Ioannidis.

Business US 1 (St. Augustine) and FL A1A/Business 1

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