Florida Roads - FL 834 (former S-834)

FL 834 (former FL S-834), Sample Road

All photos on this page are courtesy Michael Summa and taken in the indicated year. FL 834 is one of the rare success stories of a secondary route recommissioned into a primary route instead of given back to the county.

Going in chronological order, this was taken in 1977 when this sign was still accurate and button copy was still commonplace. This is the widest I've ever seen a shield - it could easily fit two three-digit shields inside. Sadly, even though there were others on I-95, I doubt any were saved or even the template for them. Note the use of RAMP ONLY before EXIT ONLY was standardized.

WB, taken in 1982 after the S routes had all been decommissioned. All of the county routes were patched with "C" over the "S" and a "COUNTY" tag in the lower left-hand corner, but I guess state routes had a bit of a grace period before the S was covered (or the shield replaced).

EB at the end of FL 834 in 1989, after FDOT stopped making colored shields (since the FHWA refused to reimburse any part of the cost) but before most of them disappeared.

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