Florida Roads - FL 821 - FL's Tpk. Homestead Ext.

FL 821, Florida's Turnpike Homestead Extension

The first NB sign and last SB sign on the Turnpike system, the southernmost tolled freeway in the United States, at US 1. The custom "system" banner lets the Turnpike Enterprise label all of its roads with the Turnpike shield, if it so chose. (Most routes have signed numbers, even though 821 does not.)

The first old NB sign on FL 821, reflecting a forgotten style of having the arrow on the top line with nothing else. (This also was the style on standard distance signs.) This is by no means the fastest way to the airport. You would be better served by taking FL 874 to FL 826, but see, those aren't Turnpike roads, so they would lose revenue that way. Be nice to the Turnpike Enterprise!

Older SB sign.

The parent route, Florida's Turnpike

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