Florida Roads - FL 814

FL 814, Atlantic Blvd.

All photos are historical and courtesy Michael Summa except the last one. They are presented here in chronological, not geographical, order.

Eastbound in Pompano Beach in 1971. Note that the stylish tapered arrows come to a point when they're doubled up, instead of staying skinny across as most other older otherwise-tapered arrows would.

That's Florida's Turnpike, son, and you should show a little more respect. Eastbound in 1974.

S. Cypress Road NB at Atlantic Boulevard, which also happens to be FL 814, in 1978.

Still in 1978, eastbound in Pompano Beach. Secondary routes had just been decommissioned, and Broward County should have patched a C over the S (but definitely not replaced this historical sign).

Back to where we started, but now up to the year 1982, this shield probably was also there in 1971, just north of FL 814 had you turned in the first photo.

A modern WB assembly at that intersection. Shields have only gotten uglier.

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