Florida Roads - FL 73

FL 73

All photos courtesy Costa Ioannidis.

Northbound at consecutive intersections in Kinard. These are both Calhoun county routes, but both were originally Florida secondary routes (i.e. when these shields were erected). The C covers up an S, and the COUNTY is there as an extra reminder, but you and I know the truth.

CR 392 EB and WB at FL 73, with more of the old shields. The WB one is straightforward enough, just like the two on 73. But the EB shield needs more discussion. As you know from the existence of this page, FL 73 is indeed a state highway. And it was never a secondary highway, because as you can see on the shield there was never any room for an S. So what happened was that as Florida started to download most of its secondary and some of its primary routes to counties, FL 73 went with them. That's when this shield was patched over. Later on in the 1980's, FDOT changed their minds on a few routes, including this part of 73. So all of the signs on the route were replaced at that point (I'm sure they were all C-patched 73's like this shield in the intervening years, given how rarely Calhoun County replaces shields), but since this one isn't on a state-maintained highway, the state was never able to replace it. And the county, even after all these years, hasn't been arsed to so much as peel the stickers off.

Calhoun CR 287, probable former FL S-287, EB at its eastern end, with a shield that probably never got the "C" sticker to begin with. Whichever of the counties or FDOT was responsible for patching the old state signs, likely FDOT as a condition of downloading, often forgot the "C" even though the "COUNTY" patch was consistently applied. Again, Calhoun County is fine just leaving this up as a masquerading county route. Insert the word "arsed" wherever you like. In this and the other photos on the page, notice Florida's unique old double-arrow, which came to a point in the middle to mimic the other types of arrows that were tapered from their ends to the arrow heads.

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