Florida Roads - FL 7

FL 7

All photos are northbound.

A motley panoply of arrows, with a down arrow turned up and a long arrow turned short. There's also the use of very odd dimensions for the overhead shields, as FL 7 is most definitely in a rectangle, and the 704's are clearly wider than a 5:4 proportion. I'll note, in closing, that it's Florida's Turnpike, with an apostrophe, as if someone from a different state designed the sign, and the "TO" above I-95 shouldn't have a larger initial letter.

FL 7 loses dualization because it doesn't really go anywhere, but the right-of-way is reserved to continue the four-lane highway from US 441 to Beeline Highway (FL 710) or beyond.

FL 7 suddenly ends, although the sidewalk continues next to the blank ROW, and traffic curves onto a subdivision street (50th St.) north of Royal Palm Beach.

US 441 and FL 7/US 441

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