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FL 60

Westbound at FL 651 in a former life, courtesy Costa Ioannidis. This is Gulf to Bay Blvd., which here bears right and turns into Cleveland St. Straight ahead is Court St. Either route would take traffic to the Memorial Causeway to Clearwater Beach, but Gulf to Bay was more built up and was technically the through road even though it bears right. The problem was that right at the entrance to the causeway was a dangerous semi-channelized intersection between the approaches from Cleveland and Court. This was fixed by bringing the Causeway on a viaduct that also clears the next intersection to the south (Pierce St.) on the way down to Court St. This solution took away the connection from Cleveland St., so now FL 60 must leave Gulf to Bay and continue straight to get to the Causeway. With half of FL 651 gone, it apparently was killed off the rest of the way (even though it still shows up on mapping software).

Leaving Tampa International Airport on George J. Bean Pkwy. (first photo with the bubble shields) onto FL 60 EB. FL 60 is under improvement from I-275 up to FL 589, Veterans' Expressway. This stretch of freeway was once concurrent with 589, which continued east on what is now FL 616. The concurrency was removed when FDOT decided not to upgrade and extend the FL 616 corridor as a freeway. The 2di shield, popular in Florida, is hanging out down in the bowels of the FL 60/I-275/FL 616 interchange.

So, speaking of FL 589, here's where it now begins from FL 60 WB, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. It will look a lot better when construction ends - imagine arrows over the proper lanes and real signs instead of span wires. How can anyone read this assembly at 60+ MPH? How do you know what Memorial is if you just came out of the airport? Why couldn't anyone find a real Toll FL 589 shield (with TOLL in white on green)?

Broadway Ave. NB in Bartow FL, at what is now the intersection of these highways' business routes, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. Yes, the colored (and incorrect) shields are still up, at least until someone reads this.

Partial cutouts on FL 60 WB east of Bartow and the photo above, also from J.P.

The last two photos are courtesy Michael Summa; the first is from 1975, and the second from 1983.

Westbound at Yeehaw Junction, famous not because it was once Jackass Junction but because to the north (starting just behind this photo), Florida's Turnpike goes 51 miles before the next exit in Kissimmee, marking the longest stretch of United States freeway without an exit. Soon, it will only be 47 miles with a new Exit 240, but that's still impressive. Note the old-style tapered arrows.

West of Vero Beach.

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