Florida Roads - FL 528

FL 528, Bee Line Expwy. (formerly)

These signs were on International Drive in August 1986. Photo courtesy Averill Hecht.

This was on International Drive in Orlando, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka, but the error of having a square tollway shield has been rectified.

Old Bee Line shield also courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. I remember these from my childhood, but the roadway no longer carries that name.

Eastbound (didn't think you'd see one actually on the highway, huh?), the county shield is wrong, the spacing is all wrong, and you tell me what the Exit 4 sign means. Without the "TO" there, one might almost have it figured out! (It should really have the US shields on top and the TO Florida's Turnpike on the bottom.) Second photo courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

Most of Florida is on Sunpass because most toll roads are run by the Florida's Turnpike Enterprise. In the Orlando area, you get the Orange County Expressway Authority, running the Bee Line (now Beachline, which I only mention for your edification and not in any way to lend legitimacy to the name), the East-West, and other local Expressways. There is at least one more in Miami, and they all use different toll collection schemes that are not intercompatible. This is also the only toll road system that requires exact coins, not approximate coins. I think that means they won't take quarters with nicks in them or pennies where Lincoln's frowning. ("Change" is the norm.)

FL 482, former FL 528

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