Florida Roads - FL 436

FL 436

All photos courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

NB leaving the Orlando Airport; what makes this photo special is that it's actually FL 15 NORTH to the left - my guess is, since states like contractors to orient intersections east-west-north-south, the contractor chose FL 436 as the north-south route here, instead of making them both north-south, and then wrote the sign specifications to the directions used in the plans. This is a somewhat educated guess, mind you, based on my own experience.

Ongoing construction of an interchange to replace the FL 50/FL 436 intersection, seen here from FL 436 NB. Although FL 436 comes straight out of the airport, it's FL 50 that gets the free-flowing overpass and semi-directional flyover ramps.

Looking south from the same spot along FL 436. It looks like the FL 50 EB girders are in.

I love and miss those orange shields. (I love oranges, so I may be partial.) They're on this page because my powers of deduction puts this August 1986 Averill Hecht photo on Lake Underhill Rd. EB at FL 436, with the East-West Expressway (FL 408) just to the left. I have closeups on the FL 408 page, so follow my link below over there.

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