Florida Roads - FL 40

FL 40

All photos are historical and courtesy Michael Summa. The first is from 1984 and the remainder are from 1973.

1984 is a little recent for a sign this old. Eastbound in Inglis just after FL 40 begins at US 19/US 98.

Back in 1973, instead of crossing straight over US 27/301/441 on Silver Springs Blvd., FL 40 turned left as part of a quadruplex. But wait, FL 200 goes left also! But wait, FL 500 and FL 25 technically ALSO go both ways. Septuplex! This is one of the only Sunshine State Parkway shields left even in 1973, as the Florida's Turnpike moniker subsumed the original highway.

At the other end of the septuplex, with another route added in for good measure! Octuplex!!! I can't tell from here whether that's an I-75 shield (implying a temporary routing while an Ocala bypass was being constructed) or a Business I-75 shield. Are you enjoying these black-and-white colored shields?

Heading east out of Ocala, at NE 25th Ave.

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