Florida Roads - FL 25 (former S-35)

FL 25, Former FL S-35

All photos on this page are courtesy Michael Summa and taken in 1973, when this was FL S-35 (secondary route 35).

Camouflage speed limit on FL S-35 SB. For an explanation of why there are faint numbers in the background, see my explanation on the I-95 page. And yes, this is 65 MPH on a two-lane road on the East Coast.

SB at NE 7th St. in Ocala. I believe that city is a little more built-up now.

FL S-35 SB in Belleview. As far as I can tell, FL 25 is on Alt. 27/441, so S-35 must have become something else north of here. Perhaps this is SE 58th Ave., which is now just plain FL 35 - FL 834 is a primary route that used to be secondary, proving it can be done.

Looking south from FL 40 in Silver Springs, just east of Ocala.

US 27 and 27/441
US 441 alone
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