Florida Roads - FL 228/Alt. US 1

FL 228 and Alternate US 1, Hart Bridge

FL 228 used to run with US 17 up what is now FL 211, Riverside Ave., turning as seen here courtesy Lou Corsaro. Both routes now jump on I-95 around downtown.

The Commodore Point Expwy. (FL 228/Alt. US 1) EB/SB across the Hart Bridge, last photo courtesy Costa Ioannidis. FL 10 has been the shadow route for most of US 90 to the west.

FL 228 WB/Alt. US 1 NB approaching Jacksonville. It's certainly helpful for Jaguars traffic to know how to get to different parking lots, but not helpful when the signs are thoroughly faded and don't tell what facility they're for.

Back WB/NB across the bridge, with the sun at my back.

Looking north from the Hart Bridge and then east from the NW approach toward the Mathews Bridge, which carries FL 115 and Alt. US 90.

FL 228 is one of the only good places to get a side view of the Main St. Bridge, carrying US 1 and US 90.

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