Florida Roads - FL 13

FL 13

The Acosta Expressway, from I-95 to the eponymous bridge, at the interchange where it will pick up FL 13 NB. What's with all the patches? It's just one missing route - US 17 used to head south on Riverside Ave. and north on Water St., but was recently rerouted onto I-95. For this entire page, mentally patch 17 shields onto every sign with a blank space, and you'll have it about right.

Continuing NB over Acosta Bridge. Riverside Ave. is still FL 211, so it would be appropriate to put at least that on the left signs. The signs in the first photo look off because except for Water St., interletter spacing was condensed improperly. Better to use a slightly narrower font and preserve the green space for clear vision's sake.

Two bridges to the west: a railroad truss right next to Acosta Bridge, and the I-95 bridge over Myrtle Ave. in the distance.

Bay St. WB at N. Jefferson St. FL 13 begins via the first left, and FL 211 begins via the second left. That green space is so inviting.

Acosta Bridge/FL 13 SB, with NJ-style US shields and the misidentification of US 90 as "South" instead of East.

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