Florida Roads - Bradford/Union CR 18

Bradford/Union CR 18 (Former FL 18)

Both of these old signs are courtesy SPUI (Dan Moraseski) and still standing in 2005, north of Worthington Springs in Union County. Click for closeup.

Union CR 18A east of Worthington Springs (clearly former S-18A), courtesy Costa Ioannidis.

The rest of the photos on this page are in Bradford County and courtesy Costa Ioannidis.

CR 18 heading east from Brooker. The C is patched over an S, for the former secondary route system that put Florida among states with high percentages of state-maintained road miles. Most secondary routes went back to the counties in the 1980s as Florida trimmed its state mileage considerably, while relatively fewer of the primary routes (like this part of 18) were also decommissioned.

CR 231, former FL S-231, SB heading away from CR 18 and then NB back at it. Bullet holes are a popular theme among old state highway shields on what are now county routes.

CR 225, former FL S-225, SB heading away from CR 18 and then NB back at it. In this case, the "C" patch fell off for a rare look at history. Note in all of the photos on this page the old-style tapered arrow, and how in Florida even the double-arrow has tapers. Because FL 18 was a primary route, the C is stuck on the left of the sign.

Now heading west away from FL 225, once again on CR 18; CR 235A may be Bloxham St. in Brooker.

Costa thinks this photo is on CR 18 EB near Hampton.

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