Florida Roads - Liberty CR 12

Liberty CR 12 (Former FL 12)

All photos on this page are courtesy Costa Ioannidis.

CR 379 NB, Orange. I'm sure, judging from its length, that 379 was at least a state secondary road back in the day, but I don't have a C-379 shield to verify that. What I do have is proof that this was FL 12 back then - look closely at the arrows and you'll see PROPERTY OF FLA D.O.T.

Heading north from there, past a shield that looks too new to predate the great state road decommissioning but clearly isn't, to what definitely was once S-333. It dead-ends to the south, and doesn't appear to ever have been a through route, but was nonetheless state-maintained for decades.

NB at Lake Mystic Rd., but that doesn't pinpoint the location because CR 12A (former FL S-12A) is a loop around that lake. I believe, based on aerial photos, that it's the northern terminus of 12A.

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