Florida Roads


Throughout this state you will see colored U.S. shields. They are part of a long tradition in Florida, stopped in the late 1980's in response to the FHWA finally threatening to withhold funding for the highways. A few of them still remain, but most of the colored shields you'll see on this site are from historical photos taken by either Averill Hecht or Michael Summa. Thanks to all of my contributors for such a lovely rainbow.

1, a singular sensation, in Jacksonville.


Florida's Turnpike (FL 91)

US 1
Alternate US 1, Jacksonville
Business US 1, St. Augustine
US 17
US 19
US 27
US 29
US 41
US 90
US 92
US 98
US 129
US 192
US 221
US 301
US 319
US 331
US 441
FL 7
FL 13
FL 25 (former S-35)
FL 40
FL 44
FL 50
FL 60
FL 64/Holmes Beach 789
FL 70
FL 73
FL 84
FL 115/Alternate US 90
FL 228
FL 408, East-West Expwy.
FL 429, Western Expwy.
FL 436
FL 482
FL/CR 527
FL 528, Bee Line Expwy.
FL/CR 535
FL 814, Atlantic Blvd.
FL 821, Fla's Tpk. Homestead Ext.
FL 826, Palmetto Expwy.
FL 834 (former S-834), Sample Rd.
FL 836, Dolphin Expwy.
FL 867, McGregor Blvd.
FL 870, Commercial Blvd.
FL 874, Don Shula Expwy.
FL 878, Snapper Creek Expwy.
Bradford/Union CR 18 (former FL 18)

Calhoun County

Holmes County

Holmes/Walton CR 185 (former FL S-185)

Lafayette County

Liberty CR 12 (former FL 12)

Venetian Way, Miami

Orange CR 423/Osceola CR 531A (John Young Pkwy.)

Orange CR 500A (old US 441, former FL S-500A)

Osceola CR 522 (Osceola Pkwy.)

Taylor CR 361A (former FL S-361A)

Wakulla County

Misc. routes

Florida Non-Roads

Liberty St. SB near State St. in Jacksonville.

Mark Furqueron's Northeast Florida Roads
Florida in Kodachrome on US-Highways.com
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