Delaware Roads - Wilmington


17th St. WB nearing Tower Rd., gone now.

Standard old county park sign, Tower Rd. looking north from 19th St.

Dupont St. parallels a railroad for a little bit. These photos look northwest up Gilpin Ave.

A driveway exit sign along Dupont St. WB is trying to do too much.

Turning north from Dupont St. onto Delaware Ave.

Delaware Ave. NB at Bancroft Pkwy. The stop sign wasn't old.

12th St. heading west from I-495, then once I get under the railroad, turning south onto Railroad Ave.

So, there's this. Same place, 12th St. EB. Railroad Ave. appears to have once had tracks running along it, serving businesses as a spur of the elevated track. That was at least 60 years before I took this photo.

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