Delaware Roads - Old US 13

Old US 13

An old alignment of US 13's Dupont Highway near the C&D Canal near ODessa, rendered obsolete by DE 1, now is a pair of dead-ends with half the roadway (the old NB half) abandoned. The divider between those two roads is Lower Twin Lane Road, which is on an embankment to cross DE 1/US 13.
Southern stub

Northbound on the active roadway, the former southbound lanes of US 13. I will cross over using the dirt path in this photo to access the abandoned lanes for the next photos:

Former US 13 NB up to Lower Twin Lane Road.

Now turned around and heading south back to DE 7, which once ended here but now continues south to the next DE 1 interchange, where US 13 exits and returns to the Dupont Highway. I imagine the double-overpass in the background was so that US 13 could still have four lanes while DE 1 was being constructed, since what is now DE 7 is just two lanes. Pavement markings haven't died quite yet.
Northern stub

Southbound courtesy Lou Corsaro at the southern end. The assembly had a US 13 in that gap (thanks to Alex Nitzman for filling it in), and the concrete pavement underneath the asphalt obviously goes straight ahead toward the next section.

This time, I wasn't able to get over the old NB lanes thanks to a fence. The northern alignment is somewhat better maintained than the southern one, since it actually connects to another street (Governor Lea Rd., which used to cross US 13 here and continue east). These photos progress northward.

Facing south from the top of the northern stub.

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